Faith Forward Fund

COVID-19 has had a tremendous toll on the city of Detroit. Families have felt COVID’s ravenous impact across social, mental, physical, and economic spheres. Throughout the pandemic, in addition to aiding the spiritual needs of the community, church leaders, ministries and faith-based organizations have taken on the challenge to support families in need with supplies, food, clothing, rental assistance, and other vital resources.

Members of the Faith Forward Fund Partnership include United Way for Southeastern Michigan, the city of Detroit, and Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan. The goal is to provide capacity support for COVID-19 relief and related community outreach efforts of small faith-based local ministries, churches, mosques, synagogues, nonprofit organizations, and faith-based city of Detroit vaccination partners.

The Faith Forward Fund will provide financial support and technical assistance to faith-based organizations through microgrants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. The fund is designed to empower nonprofit, faith-based organizations to provide programs and projects to enhance community outreach and services due to COVID-19. Additionally, the City of Detroit Office of Faith-Based Affairs, the Office of Development and Grants Management, and other partners will host a series of capacity building and grant-writing workshops to strengthen the financial and human capital capability of these organizations.

Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan is assisting these efforts with a contribution to the Faith Forward Fund established by the City of Detroit to aid small community-based churches and ministries in their COVID-19 relief projects. Will you join Catholic Charities and United Way for Southeastern Michigan in helping our neighbors in the City of Detroit who have been so hard hit by the pandemic?

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